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We offer shipping worldwide. Pricing varies greatly depending on the size of your order. To find out, place the items you want in the cart, and go to the checkout. Once you've added your location, it will calculate the shipping cost.

We ship twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Any orders made before 10am PST on Tuesday or Friday will be shipped that day unless there is an issue we need to follow up on.

Ball Winding Services

Sorry, we do not offer ball winding services

Dye Lots

Each batch we dye is completely unique. Please keep this in mind when ordering to make sure you have enough to complete your project. To check dye lots, have a look at the label of the yarn, and next to the colourway name will usually be a coloured logo stamp. Even within the same dye lot, the colour can vary more or less depending on the colourway (speckle yarns especially). The stamp colour indicates each unique batch. If there is no stamp, this is either a limited edition (one time only), or the first batch we've ever done of that colourway.

Help! My naturally dyed yarn's colour is rubbing off on my hands as I knit (crochet etc). Is this normal?

In most cases, yes! While we always thoroughly rinse our yarn, not all natural dyes behave the same as synthetic ones. Some level of rubbing off is to be expected, especially with darker colours and indigo (also known as 'crocking'). If you are combining dark and light colours in one project and are concerned about colour bleeding, soak the darker skeins overnight in the sink and rinse thoroughly before hanging to dry. In some cases, what you see is actually a little residual mordant or fine dyeplant dust particles coming loose. By opening the skein and shaking it outside, you can shake loose most of it. Sometimes these particles will move onto the lighter colours giving the appearance of colour bleed, but will come away with washing. We choose dyeplants that have the best light and wash-fastness, so be assured that fading is as minimal as it possibly can be with natural dyes.

I'm combining some high-contrast colours in my project. How can I prevent the chance of back-staining.

While we follow a rigid process to fully set the dye and rinse yarn very thoroughly, high-contrast colour combinations can sometimes run a little if you're not careful. If you are planning some high contrast combos, first soak each colour separately in warm water overnight and rinse thoroughly before hanging to dry. We rinse and soak all of our yarns at least overnight, or up to 3 days with dark colours just to be sure, but a little residual dye can sometimes be released during drying even after thorough soaking. After completing the project, soak and rinse thoroughly again before blocking.

Recommendations for Washing

While animal fibres prefer slightly acidic conditions while washing (like using an apple cider vinegar rinse for your hair), plant fibres prefer neutral to slightly alkaline. An environmentally friendly, laundry soap, gentle detergent or hand soap is ideal. Less is best for the longevity and softness of your project. Most items that are not too delicate can be machine washed in a front-loading machine on gentle cycle. and dried cool, or laid flat to dry. For cotton and linen yarns, about ten minutes in the dryer after laying flat to dry will revive the softness.


Because felting (and fulling) relies on the nature of animal fibres and their scales in order to fuse together. Felting with plant fibres is not transferable in the same way. Although you are welcome to try to felt with our spinning fibres, you may not get the expected results, though we have met people who have been able to do it.


You are welcome to return any items for refund or exchange if they are flawed or damaged. We accept exchanges within 30 days of arrival but not if the label has been removed, or the item is in an unsellable condition (stains, odors etc).

Please direct returns to:

Vegan Yarn

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Please make sure to check off that its a return when you mail it. Thanks!

Typos, Bad Links & Site Errors

While we try to maintain a fantastic-ly error-free site, we do make mistakes from time to time. If you notice an error, we'd love to hear from you so we can fix it.

General Yarn & Pattern Guidance

While we would love to be able to help you with any situation, due to our growing volume of production we are simply not able to offer one on one assistance in regards to choosing patterns, or general knitting help, but if you would like help, try out these fantastic resources: and

To get ideas, try searching by the yarn you are interested on Ravelry, and see what other people have made with it. This is also an excellent way of getting a feel for how much yarn you'd need for your project.

Also on Ravelry, you can visit our fan group in the forum and post questions or requests, where we're certain some of our awesome fellow makers would love to help out. Lastly, we highly recommend that you check out your friendly local yarn store to see if they offer lessons or workshops.

Why Vegan?

Are you curious about why we choose to work without wool or animal products? We're pretty passionate about animal welfare, and if you're wondering whats going on in the wool industry that made us want to do what we do, you might want to check out some resources. Warning: Some of these sources show upsetting images


Here's a great video by Bite Size Vegan.

To be really simple, we prefer to allow animals to live their lives free of the intentional or unintentional violence of a human-made industry. Like the saying goes, 'live simply, so others may simply live.'

Please keep in mind, we're not here to judge other people's yarn choices, or make you feel bad. Our goal is to be a positive presence in a wool-dominant yarn world, where people who want awesome artisan yarn made from plants can enjoy knitting again. We also offer a variety of fibres for any crafter to explore and enjoy. Even dedicated wool-people enjoy a change of pace from time to time.

If you'd like more information, feel free to send us an email or ask in our fan group on Ravelry. We'd love to hear from you.

Want to Get Vegan Yarn at your Local Yarn Store?

Get in touch with your local yarn store owner and ask them to check us out.