Collection: Pakucho Original

Enjoy an eco-friendly, and lusciously soft knitting experience with our fair trade organic cotton, also known as Pakucho (pronounced pack-OO-cho), from the ancient Incan word for 'brown cotton'. These cottons are naturally pigmented, which means they actually grow in these colours, so there's no dye at all. This type of cotton is very different from what is commonly used, botanically its called Gossypium barbadense, or  South American cotton. These are ancient heritage varieties, that at one time were very rare, due to industrialization, and the desire for the quick and easy white cotton. By purchasing these and the other organic cotton yarns here, you are directly supporting biodiversity and the amazing heritage of colourgrown cottons. This yarn is EKO Certified Organic by USDA, GOTS, Control Union, SKAL & Certified Fair Trade by Control Union Fair Choice, it has been made for Vegan Yarn by Peru Naturtex. Pakucho cottons are incredibly soft and light, easy to knit, and are a great choice for babies, children, and those with sensitivities.

Pakucho Original Worsted is also perfectly compatible with Vegan Yarn Nature Dyed Arcturus Series, and Pakucho Original Lace is compatible with Vegan Yarn Nature Dyed Deneb Lace.

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Pakucho Original comes in four weights: Lace, Fingering, Sport and Worsted. Click on an individual yarn for more information like weight and yardage.

There's also Pakucho x Vega, a super bulky yarn made with Pakucho naturally pigmented cotton.


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Machine wash and dry warm/medium. To increase longevity of your textiles, air drying can really make a difference, and reduce energy usage too.


*There was a typo on one batch of labels, so some say 50g/3.5oz, but should read 50g/1.76oz.