Pleiades is getting a bigger version!

Pleiades is getting a bigger version!

I've had the idea for a while that it would be cool to have a thicker version of Pleiades, so I recently sent the idea off to the mill to see if they'd be able to do that. I received some samples in the mail, and they looked awesome!

I dyed them up to see how they took dye, and how they handled during the dye process, and they checked out very nicely through that as well.

Next I knitted up some of it, and I'm convinced that this would be a fantastic yarn to bring into the shop. The trouble is, deciding if I should do the Worsted weight or the Bulky weight. Would you like to help me choose? Please comment below which you'd like.

PS. Pleiades Eco Sock is not going away, so no need to worry, it's still the most popular yarn here!

Holding a newly made slouchy toque made with bulky pleiades eco yarn, a test yarn. My hand is inside it holding it to show. It's neon green with a bright coral top.

 Hat in bulky weight

two skeins of pleiades yarn in worsted and bulky. The one on the left is browny speckled, and the one on the right is greenish speckled.

Side by side for comparison.


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