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Vegan Yarn

Make My Order Plastic Free

Make My Order Plastic Free

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Add this (just one is good) to your cart if you would like us to fulfill your order plastic free.

We're on a mission to eliminate plastics and unnecessary waste, but the non-plastic option is sometimes a bit more expensive. For example plastic mailer vs cardboard box. By adding on a small surcharge to your order, it helps us cover that cost, and also helps you to avoid unexpected, unwanted plastics in your life.

A few items cannot be delivered plastic free:

-primal strips vegan jerky

-packaged notions/tools

-some larger orders, like over 10kg. To protect a large amount of yarn from falling out of the box if it gets damaged or from water damage if it's an international order, we sometimes put the bigger orders in a plastic bag inside the box. However, we don't buy plastic bags, but just reuse them from ones we've received bulk orders in. If we use void fill, it is also reused from what we've received.

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