Learning How to Weave

I started taking a weaving class this September, and I purchased a used 36" Leclerc Artisat floor loom a few weeks ago.

Coming from a knitting background, I've gotta say, weaving is a whole new thing for me! Wow!

Looking at my yarn now feels totally different from a weaving perspective. I find I've been looking at colours differently lately. Usually when I think about dyeing yarn, I think about how it will look knitted up. After all, how many of us has excitedly taken home a gorgeous variegated skein, but once knitted up, realize it looks absolutely terrible!

Now I've found myself thinking about how colours will translate in weaving, and it's pretty exciting.

One of the first things on my to do list has been updating the yarn specs on this site to include information for weavers. I hope if you're a weaver, that it'll come in handy to be able to more easily calculate your next project.

I've also heard some feedback that it's hard for weavers to find interesting yarn that goes beyond the usual of what's available. I'm thinking about maybe bringing in cones or bobbins of yarn every once in a while as a one off for any weavers we might have here. I'd keep an eye out for neat textures in particular, but also bring in coned versions of the Pakucho as well. If that sounds interesting to you, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


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