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Hello! We're Heidi, Jeremy & Mr H. Together we are the brains, brawn and genius behind Vegan Yarn. We hand dye yarn in our home studio, located in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.


How We Started

Heidi: Once I started getting really into knitting a few years back, I began frequenting local yarn stores. I saw so many gorgeous yarns, but when I asked, "Do you have any vegan yarn?" I usually got the one-raised-eyebrow look, and then would get shown to the Acrylic Wall of Shame. I knew that it must be possible to have really awesome colours, high quality base yarn in a variety of cruelty-free, and sustainable fibres. After looking around for someone who did that, I realized that there was a serious lack of supply, and that it might be a fun project to do myself. I had a little practice with dyeing fabrics in the past as a costuming and more recently, a set decoration seamstress. I took a class at Place des Arts (Coquitlam, British Columbia) a community arts centre, and learned how to spin yarn, and in the summer of 2009, I listed my first few skeins of hand dyed and handspun yarn. I've learned so much since then, mostly trial and error, and now this has become something I look forward to doing every day. I feel so lucky to be able to do something I find so satisfying, which is also so much appreciated by other people at the same time. Thank you for visiting Vegan Yarn and we hope you like it!


What Else Do We Do?

In addition to being passionately committed to animal and human rights, environmental stewardship, and all of the ways that yarn can play a role in them, we are also musicians. We released our first album The View from My Hospital Bed in January, 2013. Heidi was also briefly in a band the Cranky Molluscs with her best friend.

Heidi is an active cycling advocate with HUB, formerly the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, and also enjoys running and powerlifting.

Tell Me More About You

Heidi: I've been a committed Vegan since 2007, before that I was on and off since high school, but when I finally got off my keester and started doing a little reading, and watched a few documentaries, I became fully convinced, and made the decision to make it a lifelong change. When people ask me why I'm vegan, I say that every reason you could think of? That's it! I've been a knitter since the ripe age of seven, and ever since then I've always found the times when I'm making something with my hands to be the best in my life. Vegan Yarn is the result of my desire to support myself and my family doing work that I love, express myself in the medium I like best, offer something that is beautiful and full of love, and do something to help make change happen.

"To work mindfully to create beautiful things that exist for more than their own sake, not at the expense of someone’s happiness but as works of art that are made of freedom, compassion and joy." -Heidi Braacx

How the Dye Shop Works

Beginning in 2020, Vegan Yarn will run a little differently, adopting a long thought out plan to make it more dynamic and fun for me as a dyer, and more exciting for you. Instead of maintaining permanent colourways, we will run new colours in real-time, allowing for constant testing and innovation which is one of my favourite parts. The result will be even more unique colurways, in a more limited edition format than ever. Join the newsletter for new colour releases that will be happening spontaneously and year-round. Some colours will be semi-permanent, meaning we'll keep them running for as long as they remain popular (like Soot Sprites, Charcoal, and Manga). Active colourways are the ones that will continue to be available until we get bored of dyeing them. If a colourway is listed as 'active' that means that if it goes out of stock, we'll do our best to bring it back at least one more time.

Here are the current Active Colourways

Neon Bubblegum


5 Day Festival Funk

Blue Spruce




Mary Above the Clouds

Manga Dark

*Soot Sprites




*Wolf Girl



* indicates semi-permanent colourway