WIP - Cardigan with Pleiades Sock

WIP - Cardigan with Pleiades Sock

Here's my current work in progress. I started it about a week into December, and I'm well on my way. This one's for my husband, who wears cardigans very well, so I know this one will be worn often. I'm using colourway Charcoal, and I'm using two skeins at a time, and alternating them to help blend the variance in colour nicely so there's no chunks of significantly different shades in there. I highly recommend this for larger pieces like garments when you're using any hand-dyed yarn, since every skein is always going to be at least a teeny bit different.

For the pattern, I'm using Ann Budd's book of sweater patterns, and doing a set in sleeve, and I'm doing the body in one piece instead of seaming the pieces together.

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