Pakucho Additions

Pakucho Additions

I'm looking into adding more options of Pakucho cotton, in colours, yarn types and put up.

First of all, I'd like to add a colour or two in Worsted weight only. Worsted is the best selling yarn, so I thought I'd fill it out a bit more. Here's what the colour options are. We already have Deep Green, Sage, Desert, Natural, Vanilla Cream Pima, Brown and Rust. So it could be Avocado, Forest Mist, Vicuna, Cafe, Moka, or Chocolate.

I'd also like to try a one off of yarn on 1kg cones to see if weavers would like that. I can do anything I already carry in 50g balls, like lace, fingering, sport (worsted might not be ideal for weaving, but if enough people want it I can get it). I could also get some flamme yarn. B, C, D, or E is an option. B is worsted weight, C is Sport, D is about fingering, E is sport. B and C look a bit stronger, as the plies criss-cross, and D and E are two ply so maybe weft only but they're all so pretty!

I have two polls going on ravelry where you can vote, or just message me if you prefer, or comment on this post and I'll see it.

If you have any specific requests, feel free to email me.

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