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Night Spell - Taika

222,00 kr
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50% Tencel

50% Organic cotton



Tencel is optimal from a sustainability perspective, but also feels amazingly silky-soft and takes dye beautifully for dramatic, intense colours. I just had to make sure our next yarn had Tencel in it, and now it does. By adding organic cotton, it gives the yarn a nice body and squishiness; blended perfectly with the luxe, glossiness of the Tencel for a well-balanced, gorgeously soft yarn.

This Tencel and organic cotton blend yarn is chain plied for optimal loftiness so that you can enjoy the softness of these two gorgeous fibres without adding too much weight. The chain ply structure also gives a subtle stretch to the yarn.

Try Taika for your next sweater or casual top, or try a tote bag, or home decor accessories with it! (Did somebody say fabric plant pot?) This is an excellent yarn for beginners since it's so thick and easy to work with, you'll see the progress in your knitting or crochet quickly!


If you're familiar with Howl and Sophie, here's the backstory for this colourway... Howl invented a new spell last night, he hasn't quite got it right yet, he's still grumpy from when Sophie took his second best cloak and cut it to pieces again to make an outfit for next week's party. He hasn't had a tantrum in a while, but he's not far off...

Deep night time greeny-blacks with shots of electric green. This colourway is a bit darker than it appears.

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