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Indigo - Libertas

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60% Organic Cotton, 40% Linen

8/2 Lace



30-38 sts = 4"/10cm

Recommended needle size: 2mm/0 US - 3mm/2 US

 Sett: 20-30 epi

Naturally dyed with locally grown or ethically sourced plants, and natural mordants.

Libertas Lace is our newest addition, and perfect for both knitters and weavers. Strong enough for warp, and will age beautifully for a natural drape, and subtle organic texture. All of our hand dyed yarns are dyed in-house in New Westminster, BC, Canada.


A note about natural indigo dyed yarn:

Yarn that's dyed naturally with indigo does something called crocking, that means that some will rub off on your hands. This is normal, and can be expected with any natural indigo dyed products, like how classic jeans fade in areas where they rub a lot. Unlike other dyes, where this is a sign of incorrectly dyed yarn, this phenomenon is ok, and is not harmful. The blue that comes off is either remaining indigo plant debris, or pigment that is chafed off the yarn. If you would like to reduce the amount of crocking while working with your indigo dyed yarn, you can soak it and rinse it thoroughly using gentle laundry soap and/or a bit of vinegar. Any that gets on your hands can be washed off with soap and water, and is not likely to stain.

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