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Vegan Yarn + Ambah O'Brien - Festive Kits

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The 2022 version of Festive aka Advent Kits: Unicorn Farts! is shipping now, with an all new colour palette for your next big festive knit-along. The kits and patterns are interchangeable, so you can mix them however you like. Each year in September or October there's a preview of the new kit that gets released via the Newsletter, and a link to the photo is also posted here.

See the sneak peek of Unicorn Farts! 

The 2020 set is a colourful fade set featuring blasts of  bright red, aqua, purple and grey, with some soft speckles thrown in for good measure. Preview the kit here.

If you are knitting the ADVENTuresome pattern, choose an advent calendar and add one skein of Albireo or two skeins of Pleiades in the contrast colour of your choice.

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Knit your way through the festive season (or any time, your birthday month perhaps) with the Festive Knit-along!

You will receive a beautiful, professionally designed advent calendar with 24 mini skeins in a unique colour palette, each weighing approximately 20g, with enough yardage to complete most festive/advent knit alongs like Ambah O'Brien's . Each mini skein's yardage is measured for accuracy. Each skein has about 57-60m, so the total is roughly 1440m.

**This does not include a pattern, but it is intended to be used with just about any  advent/festive pattern including Ambah O'Brien's. It can also be used with many other patterns, just check to make sure the yardage works**

Check out the Vegan Yarn Ravelry discussion thread for the Festive Calendar here.

Note the yarn in the photo gallery here are not the yarns that will be in this year's calendar, they're just a placeholder or from previous years to get you excited. ;)

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