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Vegan Yarn

Flying V(egans) - PDF Pattern Download

Flying V(egans) - PDF Pattern Download

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A Shawl-Scarf reversible hybrid, Flying V was designed to accommodate a single skein of Vegan Yarn brand’s Albireo Fingering, while still being completely wearable. I love wearing triangular shawls, but I also have trouble keeping the smaller ones on, so because of this V shaped design it’s fantastic for wear-ability. This piece reminds me of gliding soundlessly along on my road bike on date night to our favourite vegan-friendly restaurant, and coming home again at dusk under flocks of crows flying home to roost. In Vancouver, BC, this is one of the many perks for cyclists riding the Central Valley Greenway bike route.

Measurements: Centre point to outer corner: 30”/76cm. Inside tip to tip, 60”/152cm

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