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Bellatrix Cowl - PDF Pattern Download

$ 5.00 CAD

Bellatrix Cowl is named after the yarn I designed it for, which, in turn is named after the star in the constellation Orion. Bellatrix comes from the latin for “female warrior’ and is known to the Inuit along with Betelgeuse (also in Orion) as Akuttujuuk, or “those two placed far apart”. When they reached high in the southern sky, they signaled the beginning of spring.

Bellatrix is worked bottom up, in the round, with knit and purl stitches creating a diagonal stripe pattern that is divided down the centre front and worked “mirror image”, to create repeating V shaped lines.

Although it appears while being worn to be a traditional triangle shawl worn point-in-front, its feature of being worked in the round, is that it stays put, and tucks nicely inside coats and jackets without excess bulk.

Finished Measurements:
24” circumference at neck
52” Circumference at bottom
12” long at the back
20” long at the front

Uses: US 3 - 3.25 mm needles

and 1 skein of Bellatrix Fingering

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